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Professional Astrologers'
2018 Graphic Ephemeris Astrology Software Tool

RECENT UPGRADES with added functions; covers the years
2017, 2018 & 2019.

This FREE graphic astrology ephemeris wheel compresses a standard 12 page, one year text ephemeris into an easy to read star chart. A software tool for quick reference.

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with your browser   Free Astrology Tool!  2017, 2018 & 2019
Background Selections

Scroll up for the 2018 Free Version of the astrology ephemeris.

Click Here to download the Star and Beta Versions; download to your computer and test the beta version before you buy the Star Ephemeris.

Click Here to for more info about the Star Ephemeris.
About the Beta, Pro & Star Graphic Astrology Ephemeris

RECENT UPGRADES include the star control; choose from six selectable views, with or without stars. The aspect viewer compares the degrees between transiting planets or with any natal chart you already own.

The ephemeris displays transits, the monthly movement of the planets through the zodiac, plotted onto a polar coordinate graph using recent nasa jpl data. All 365 days in a given year, between 2000 and 2019, plus leap year days, are included in the Star version.

As with a text astrology ephemeris, daily planet positions in the graphic wheel are given in geocentric longitude degrees & minutes along the ecliptic for midnight GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Each dot on a planet's path represents it's heavenly longitude and chronology within a month for a particular day.

Planet positions for the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto are also displayed as silver colored orb glyphs, animating in 24 hour jumps, and pausing for a few seconds during the Current Epoch as they center onto their chronological position in a month ring. Each orb is also duplicated in the outer ring for clarity.

The Tropical Zodiac Setting, TT
The stars of the zodiac constellations will align with their matching glyphs, but this is for visual reference only. The actual star positions (Sidereal Astronomy) are displayed by clicking TS.

The Current Epoch, like a paper ephemeris, updates everyday at midnight GMT, so if your geographical location is east or west of this time zone, your local date &/or time will vary slightly from the Current Epoch.

If the Current Epoch Clock (lower right) is past 12 hours, then the next day after the Current Epoch will be closer to the actual positions of the planets today. The Star, Pro or Beta Version can easily be advanced a day to view the changes.

For readability, planet path dot intervals vary for each planet, spacing varies from one to fourteen days. However, positions for every date are shown as the animated Planets pause momentarily on each day. The Star, Pro & Beta Ephemeris Versions allow the astrologer to stop on any included date.

With the paid version, a link is provided for a recommended free natal chart software program, this third party download is subject to their changes.
Version Features: Beta Pro Star
Free Online Above    
Download, Free Beta & Paid Star  
2017 to 2019 planet transits    
2000 to 2019 planet transits    
Number of years covered 2 3 20
Zoom-in with your browser's built in function  google: browser zoom 
NEW! Aspects, minor & major, with brightness control
NEW! Sidereal & Tropical Zodiac degrees & stars, with ayanamsa adjustment, a.k.a. synetic vernal point; svp 
Each animated semi-transparent planet appears twice; 1] following it's dotted year path and 2] orbiting to show longitude.
Includes the horoscope zodiac signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.
Waxing & Waning Moon Cycles. Full & New Moon Days.
Highlighted month rings
Astrological Glyph Symbols
 view reference 
Zodiac Constellation Stars can be set on or off
Auto-start selections: Constellations on or off, six background color choices    
Auto-start selections: Tropical or Sidereal Zodiac, two chart color choices, aspect brightness level    
Two Chart Colors
Six Background Colors
Speed Control
Print at 100%  
Save to your computer and open offline.  
Run as a stand alone program or in a browser.  
Expand to full screen.  
Right mouse click to zoom-in or zoom-out on details.  
Stop & start the planets' animation or navigate to any day in the year.
Animated Planets' twinkle can be turned off, processor energy savings
Desktop icon    
Now buttons; set current date and year  
Planet Latitude Positions relative to Zodiac (Sidereal)  

Click Here to view an astrology glyph reference. astrologers' graphic ephemeris
Right click to zoom in
The moon's path creates an interesting pinwheel pattern seen here. Compare it's unusual track to the discernible curvilinear planet paths and you'll understand why it wasn't included in the ephemeris.

 Try then Buy 
When you purchase the ephemeris via paypal, within 24 hours you'll receive an email with a username & password. You can then login and download the complete ad-free ephemeris package to your computer.

More about the Free Pro & Star Graphic Astrology Ephemeris

The symbols R and D, along and above the planets' paths, represent retrograde (R) and direct (D) motion. Both are positioned from their upper left corners onto their chronological position in a month ring.

The moon is the fastest moving "planet" in the zodiac, covering about twelve and a half degrees a day. You can view it's rapid motion by switching back and forth between two consecutive days. The next quickest planet Mercury, can cover over two degrees a day. It's up-to-date longitude may differ slightly from an older ephemeris.
Zoom & Resizing  Use your browser to zoom in and zoom out of the free charts or the F11 key for a full view. Right click inside the beta and star charts for zooming.

The downloaded versions can be resized by running your mouse over the edge of the window until the black double arrow appears, then left click, hold and drag to adjust. Resizing the chart smaller will speed up the animation on computers with slower processors. Opening one chart only and closing other applications will also increase animation speeds.
Stop and Pause  Select both to reduce your computer's processor load.
Printing  To print the beta and star ephemeris at 100%, open the downloaded "print html" files with your browser and use the File, Print Preview function.
Aspects  As noted in Version Features above and to the right, the aspect's brightness can be set to auto-start at a desired level. The default is 70% for the light color chart and 20% for the black background chart. Click Here to view an astrology aspect reference.
Programming  Advanced computer users can edit the numbers in this snippet of code: bgColors=5&TSview=1&bgChart=1&aspcP=30
It will allow the program to load certain personalized features on start-up, see auto-start selections in Version Features above. The same functions can be accessed manually with the program control buttons.
Control Buttons These functions control the ephemeris display.

• Play rewinds the movie to the start of the year, then plays it.

• Stop pauses on any day or the current epoch.

• || pauses the planets' twinkle for printing: Stop on any day, print, then restart by clicking another control.

• DAY, WEEK, MTH (month) & QTR (quarter) advance (+) or go back (-) 1, 7, 30 or 90 days respectively, within the same year.

• YEAR increments forward to next year or back to the previous year. A five year interval jump is included with the star version.

• ASPECTS Graphic Display of major & minor aspects, advance (+) or go back (-) 0.1, 1, 5 or 30 degrees. And an aspect brightness control; click the orange or green arrow to reset the percentage level, in 10% increments, from 10% to 100%.

• STAR CONTROL Tropical and Sidereal Zodiac comparisons, stars on or off, six settings:
TS - Tropical zodiac, Sidereal stars
TT - Tropical zodiac, "Tropical" stars
Tz - Tropical zodiac, no stars
SS - Sidereal zodiac, Sidereal stars
ST - Sidereal zodiac & stars, Tropical orbit zodiac
Sz - Sidereal zodiac, no stars

• COLORS Chart & Backdrop
[1] Chart color (use while program is playing); two options (black & white target icons)
[2] Backdrop hue; six options.
The colors that load on startup can be locked-in with the pro & star versions.

• SPEED slows the planets rotation animation; (1x) in 1/4 second increments and (4x) in 1 second increments. Click the green (0) to return to "normal speed". This SPEED control must be reset to (0) before using the other controls.

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