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What are your stars doing today?
Let the Graphic Astrology Ephemeris, Horoscope Software tool show you what is predicted in your stars this year as the planets travel through the zodiac.

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Find your free astrology sun sign horoscope for 2014 using the graphic astrologers' ephemeris tool. view free version...

Transit astrology, is the art of comparing the current positions of the planets (in the zodiac) to an individual's natal horoscope or astrological birth chart. While the planets of the solar system are in constant motion, the planets in a person's natal chart are fixed in relationship to the constellations; a snapshot of the moment in time of that person's birth.

The Graphic Astrology Ephemeris allows you to easily view, at a glance, a full year of planet transits. Conversely, a text ephemeris, requires reading multiple columns of numbers while flipping through several pages of tables.

The software plots the movements of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto neatly onto a single web page.
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Free Astrology Tool! Year 2014
Free Graphic Horoscope Ephemeris
To read the ephemeris: First scroll down and use the Birthday to Degree Decoder to easily compute the degree of your sun sign. Next, view the graphic astrology ephemeris and see which planets pass near or in aspect to your sun sign or other planets in your horoscope.

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This horoscope column allows you to make your own predictions for 2014 by using the Graphic Ephemeris. To help you get started, a transit for the ruling planet of each zodiac sign is presented in astrological terms, using degrees and aspects.

The date an aspect's influence begins, then ends, depends on the degree of orb you assign it. For example, a solar return is a conjunction aspect of the sun transiting over the natal sun in your horoscope. If an orb of 2 degrees is used, then about two days before, and after your solar return, would be influenced by this transit. A solar return occurs on, or close to your birthday.
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Astrology by the Sun Signs
Transit highlights for the year 2014

Aries Mars will be in opposition, as well as retrograde from January through July ...
Mars 11° to 27° Libra

Taurus Venus will semi-sextile all Taurus natives during May 2014 ... Venus 0° to 29° Aries

Gemini Mercury will be retrograde during June and early July conjuncting natives of 3° Cancer back to 24° Gemini

Cancer The new Moon will occur on June 27th, a conjunction for natives of 5° Cancer

Leo The Sun trines Leo natives from the third week of November into December ...
Sun 0° to 29° Sagittarius

Virgo Mercury transits (conjuncts) Virgo natives mid August through early September ...
Mercury 0° to 29° Virgo

Libra Venus will be in opposition for all Libra natives during May 2014 ... Venus 0° to 29° Aries

Scorpio Pluto will sextile some Scorpio natives all year ... Pluto 11° to 13° Capricorn

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Astrological Glyph Symbols Reference
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Take another example, Jupiter, this planet moves much slower than the sun, relative to the Earth. Using the same orb of 2 degrees, Jupiter can take several weeks to complete a transit.

The Graphic Ephemeris visually displays the transits described on this web page. The general time frames (and degrees) that are given here, can be seen with greater precision by viewing the Graphic Ephemeris.

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Astrology by the Sun Signs, continued

Sagittarius Jupiter will trine Sagittarius from mid July to the end of 2014 ... Jupiter 0° to 22° Leo

Capricorn Saturn sextiles Capricorn for fifty-one weeks this year ... Saturn 20° to 29° Scorpio

Aquarius Uranus sextiles some Aquarius natives throughout the year ... Uranus 8° to 12° Aries

Pisces Neptune conjuncts some Pisces natives throughout the year ... Neptune 3° to 7° Pisces

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How to read the Graphical Ephemeris Wheel Chart - Astrologers Tool
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Use your browser's zoom function to enlarge details in the astrology ephemeris.
Sun Sign & Stars
The tropical zodiac begins with Aries at 9 o'clock and progresses counterclockwise in 5 degree increments. The planets in the graphic astrology ephemeris are semitransparent and twinkle - fade in and out - to reveal overlapped planets.

Color Month Rings
The months begin at the center of the wheel and radiate outwards. Each color ring represents a month and is highlighted when featured.

Dotted Planet Paths
The moving planets momentarily center at their daily position, before jumping to the next day. The color dotted lines represent the path of each planet over the course of this year.

Direct (D) and retrograde (R) motion is indicated for each planet. Full and New Moon days are also displayed.

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The conversions in the Decoder are approximate; calendars do not exactly coincide with the positions of the stars. The first day of a sun sign varies by one or more days, depending on the year (and time zone) of your birth. To obtain your exact tropical or sidereal sun sign degree, consult a table ephemeris.
Birthday to Degree Decoder, Tropical
Sun Sign | First Day Sun Sign | First Day
Aries Mar. 21 Libra Sept. 24
Taurus Apr. 20 Scorpio Oct. 24
Gemini May 22 Sagittarius Nov. 23
Cancer June 22 Capricorn Dec. 22
Leo July 23 Aquarius Jan. 21
Virgo Aug. 24 Pisces Feb. 20
Instructions: Use the chart to find the approximate degree of your Sun Sign for use with the graphic ephemeris. The First Day of each Sun Sign is zero degrees, the second day is 1 degree, and so on... through to 29 degrees. 

To Calculate:
Count the number of days to your birthday from the First Day of your Sun Sign, the number counted is the degree of the sun in your horoscope. For example, someone born February 2nd will be 12 degrees Aquarius, that is; January 21st plus 12 days.
As a transiting planet passes over a natal planet, like the minute hand of a clock passing over the hour hand, life events are said to be "triggered". This particular transit (also referred to as an aspect) is called a conjunction.

Major aspects include the conjunction, opposition, sextile, trine and square. The Minor aspects include the inconjunct, quincunx, semi-square, sesquiquadrate, semi-sextile, quintile and biquintile. The square for example, is a right angle aspect, considered challenging, and again using the analogy of an analog clock, the hands (planets) are positioned as if at 3:00 o'clock.

Aspects also have varying "orbs"; the number of degrees before & after a transiting planet aspects a natal planet, in general the influence is considered about 2 to 3 degrees, or with another analogous clock example, 11:57pm to 12:03am. sponsored links & navigation navigation web development | discount web designer | flash programming | on site computer repair & mobile pc tech | prices | seo search engine optimization | custom graphics | horoscopes | astrology ephemeris | stars & planets | beta ephemeris | ufo technology experiment | flying saucer toy glider | link exchange | contact | site map business web sites  digital art | sterling silver jewelry | palm springs desert area land & homes | baja beach properties
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