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To covert your sun sign or another planet from the Tropical to the Sidereal Zodiac, simply subtract 24 degrees. For example, if you are a Gemini of 5 degrees, your sidereal sign is 11 degrees Taurus, the same information is graphically displayed in the Star, Pro and Beta Ephemeris.

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About the Star Graphic Astrology Ephemeris

The Star Ephemeris displays the twelve zodiac constellations as they actually appear in relationship to the sidereal and tropical astrology systems. It is also an astronomical reference guide to the yearly movement of the planets against the background of stars, portraying accurate longitude and latitude positions along the ecliptic.

The positions of the Astrological Signs of the Zodiac compared to the actual constellations has changed over the centuries due to the earth's wobble. This wobble, called the precession of the equinoxes, has in effect, created two zodiacs, the Tropical and the Sidereal.

About eighteen hundred years ago the two zodiacs aligned, looking very much like the TT setting in the Pro Ephemeris. "Tropical" is displayed with quotation marks, because this is not how the planets' positions, in relation to the constellations, have aligned in almost two millennia. Over time, the constellations have "rotated" nearly 24 degrees, about one degree every 72 years, their current appearance is depicted by the TS function in the Pro Ephemeris.

The Star and Pro Ephemeris portray the reality of our modern night sky. The constellation sizes and the spacing of stars along the ecliptic are accurately projected onto the 360 degree polar grid. The Tropical system is symbolized by the inner ring of glyphs, while the fainter outer ring of glyphs - appearing skewed at about 24 degrees from the inner ring - represents the Sidereal system.

The ayanamsa function in Star and Pro Ephemeris will "fine tune" the offset between the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs and display the info under Planet Degrees, however the constellations will remain displayed at a 24 degree offset. The Ayanamsa adjustment is also referred to as the Synetic Vernal Point (S.V.P.).

The stars in the constellations correspond to the glyphs of the outer or Orbit Zodiac "faint" ring, (although they overlap the inner Zodiac ring). The revolving animated planets' longitudes are relative to both zodiac rings, while the planets' latitudes correspond only to their positions in the stars of the constellations.

So, why are there two zodiacs?
Tropical (western) astrology is based on the seasons, while Sidereal (eastern) astrology is based on the stars. The Tropical Astrology Ring has been intentionally rotated over the centuries, in relationship to the constellations, to keep Aries lining up with the first day of spring. This is called the First Point of Aries, a term still used by current day astronomers. In this manner, Tropical Astrology purposely compensates for the precession of the equinoxes, a fact often overlooked by skeptics.

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Tropical astrology's philosophy is that human personality traits are influenced by the seasons, rather than the stars. Tropical astrology indicates that seasonal influences play a role in a person's development, just like a person's personality and appearance are affected by cultural and geographical influences; like developing an accent or inheriting physiological traits.

The term "native" is used by astrologers to refer to a person's sun sign in the same context that it is used to describe someone born in a large metropolis or small town. Most people would agree that where you are born, will influence your personality to a degree. Tropical astrology's philosophy is that the weather (seasons) are a contributing factor too.

Tropical astrology, however, does not assign unique characteristics to natives born south of the equator, that is, those individuals developing different personas due to the reversed seasons of the southern hemisphere. This fact is often used by sidereal astrologers claiming the correctness of their own system.

The ephemeris displays the longitude and latitude of the planets in relationship to the ecliptic which runs through the constellations of the zodiac. While the sun follows the ecliptic nearly exactly (the dotted blue circle) the planets and moon wander north and south of this line. The moon and Pluto have the greatest variations. As the moon circles the chart, it intersects the ecliptic twice a month at the moon's nodes. Pluto is currently well above the ecliptic and will not intersect it until 2018.

The stars in the zodiac constellations, represented by the six-pointed symbols, are of uniform brightness and so do not show the stars' actual magnitude. However, the star symbols for Antares in Scorpio, Aldebaran in Taurus, Spica in Virgo and Regulus in Leo are larger because these stars are of brighter magnitude and serve as good guides for locating the wandering planets in the night sky when using the Ephemeris as an astronomy tool.

The Ephemeris will display either tropical or sidereal degrees in the the text display, just below the moon phase.

The zodiac constellation stars in the Ephemeris can be made invisible, allowing the planets' orbits to be easily followed, only their longitude is displayed.

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